DPF Cleaning Service

Todays modern diesel engines utilise a diesel particulate filter (DPF) to reduce harmful soot emissions into the atmosphere.  Under normal condtions this filter is self cleaning and needs no maintenance, however its function relies on many other components working correctly. When these start to fail the DPF no longer self cleans, soot builds up and gradually blocks and restricts exhaust flow, at which

point the engine management light will be displayed.  Using our diagnostic expertise, we can quickly trace the source of the fault ,however the process still requires the DPF to be cleaned to restore its function and efficiency.


Using the Specialist Tunap range of products, along with our tooling and  knowlege of these systems we can have you back on the road pretty quick and without the expense of replacing your expensive DPF.


Tunap are a global leaders in Engine cleaning solutions

Engine Decarbonising

Gdi and lean burn engines have a tendency to build up carbon deposits in valve ports causing engine warning lamps to Illuminate, poor running misfires and loss of Power. Removing the cylinder head is costly and time consuming, by using the Tunap solution we can safely blast away those nasty carbon deposits,  restoring efficiency,performance and reduce your emissions.

Before Cleaning, Using the Tunap System  (Peugeot 207 @ 40k)

The clear result After using the Tunap Blast System. (The same Peugeot 207)

Bradbury and Tunap, together we have the solution to your engines issues.

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