ADAS Calibrations

IMI accredited and working to Insurance Industry Requirments (IIR)

     IMI Accredited

Accredited to AOM230 Our professionally qualified ADAS technicians work to (IIR) Insurance Industry requirements at our Bosch ADAS Calibration centre, ensuring your vehicles ADAS cameras and radar are fit for purpose when you need them the most. Using the Bosch DAS3000 Calibration rig and constantly updated software we have the tools technology training and experience to ensure your system functions as intended.



Forward facing Radar and Cameras

Most cars from 2015 onwards will have at least one ADAS sytem in place, for use with systems such as Emergency Brake Assist, (EBA) Active Cruise Control, (ACC)  Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) and collision avoidance etc.. Critical systems that can, and do save lives and capable of preventing 80% of accidents.



ADAS Calibration

A professional calibration is essential for ADAS system performance, any accident damage, even minor, work on a vehicle in or around any camera or radar system, repairs that affect the vehicles geometry ie, steering suspension or any alignment work, including a  windscreen replacement must then be recalibrated and realigned. These sytems are integrated and work together in fusion to provide you protection and can only operate efficiently when professionaly calibrated and in correct alignment.


What price safety?

Alignment ~ Calibration ~ Safety

The effectiveness of any ADAS system cannot be under estimated, You may not even know its there until something happens, because it works behind the scenes and acts when you need it most,  avoiding collisions, straying off lane, or keeping a safe distance from the car in front, especially on dual carriageway or when motorway driving. Just a small 2mm error in the cars geometry /wheel alignment will affect the camera and radar function and can mean the camera is looking in the completely wrong lane, it will then not react in time, nor avoid or warn you of the impending danger ahead in the all important few seconds.


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